Report from the PhD conference 2016

This is a report from the ongoing PhD conference at Skogshem & Wijk at Lidingö. The event started with lunch and the first presenter was the dean of the school, Jan Wikander, who gave a short introduction to the school from different perspectives. Three of the so called PAs for the doctoral programs participated the … Continue reading “Report from the PhD conference 2016”

Substantial new funding to Material Science and a KTH initiative on circular economy

First and foremost we should congratulate Professor John Ågren and the MSE Department for the new research contract with SSF. The title of the funded project is “Sintring av inhomogena strukturer för förbättrad prestanda” and the total project budget is 31 million SEK. Congratulations! KTH takes now a number of integrated initiatives that go across … Continue reading “Substantial new funding to Material Science and a KTH initiative on circular economy”

Business as usual!

Since my last blog things has been dragging along as usual. Nevertheless, the work is by far not boring!  However, before I explore more about this topic I wish to convey the happy news that Sofia Ritzén has been promoted to a professor at the Departemnt of Machine Design and that Torskel Strömstedt has  been … Continue reading “Business as usual!”

It’s time again for the GA’s weekly blog

There is a GA (Directors of First and Second Cycle Education) meeting tomorrow (April 6) and this is probably the right time to tell you a bit about the constellation. At regular intervals (8-10 times a year) all the GA directors (10) at KTH meet with Vice Dean Per Berglund, Carina Kjörling and student union … Continue reading “It’s time again for the GA’s weekly blog”