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Docents, important people in the PhD education

Docent is a title, which enables a person to act as a main supervisor for a PhD student. It should be noted that it is only a title and it does not influence the employment of a person. Thus, this enables external people to apply for becoming a Docent. This is a good way for us at ITM and KTH to build strong collaborations with, for example, institutes. We already know that we have many external PhD students today and for example at institutes. If we build up an improved supervision knowledge at the institute the external PhD student can get an improved supervision on the site where they are active, as a complement to the supervision from the KTH supervisor.

The procedure for becoming a Docent has changed from January 1, 2018. Similar to before, the scientific qualifications are judged by an external expert. Thereafter, the Docent Committee’s task is to judge the pedagogical aspects of the person. The committee consists of a chair person, two teacher representatives and one student representative. The latter is selected by the KTH student organization THS, but is most commonly the elective student representative for each doctoral program. Finally, if the Docent title is granted a diploma is presented at a seminar where the candidate gives a lecture.

Currently, we have a dozen of Docent applications that are in progress at ITM.  If you wish to learn more about a Docent seminar you have a chance on February 14 at 14.00. Lei Feng will give his Docent lecture and receive his Docent diploma in room B242 at Brinellvägen 83.

I also wish to inform you that Professor Natalia Skorodumova has become a new member of the ITM team this year. She will be the vice chairperson in the recruitment committee for hiring of faculty as well as for the Docent committee.

Finally, I wish to say that it is nice that the days are getting longer week by week. For me the need for day light seems to increase in importance as the year goes by. Is this a sign of that I am getting old or simply a craving for the D vitamin from the sun?

/Pär Jönsson, Vice Head of School

New year – New semester

Now the spring semester of 2018 has begun and hopefully all our courses and education is up and running. Personally I look forward to supervise master thesis projects, meeting all off these creative and engaged students close to their graduation is inspiring 🙂

One important educational issue that is upcoming is that it’s time for us to start working with this years program analysis. The program analysis are governed by the fact that KTH’s programs has to be designed in such a way that they comply with both the university’s learning objectives as well as the Learning Outcome of the Higher Education Ordinance. Also UKÄs mission for the new national quality assurance system for education is based on the fact that the higher education institutions are given increased responsibility for their own quality assurance at all levels of education, and then UKÄ will review that the institutions have taken this responsibility. In order for us at ITM to be able to do reliable and accurate program analysis all course responsible teachers must contribute with course evaluations and course analysis. So, if you have a course that is mandatory for any of our programs, please send the course analysis to the program director!

Lastly I hope that you all have seen the invitation send by the ITM management team regarding Södertälje Science Week (January 31th – February 2nd). The new campus in Södertälje is very important for many of our programs, so if you want to know more about this event you can find more information here.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA




ITM has become bigger and will continue to grow

From 1st of January ITM includes a seventh department (Institutionen för lärande) and our Department of Sustainable Production (HPU) has now moved to the brand new campus in Södertälje. Without these promising changes and developments we would have been the smallest of the five new Schools. Now we are next to smallest. Although growth is not a target in itself, ITM will continue to grow over the coming years. There are mainly three facts/trends behind giving this growth forecast:

  • The new HPU department is now “only” in its initial state. The department has a rather aggressive and challenging growth plan including the new education programs and the build-up of research groups around the three new professorships. One could say that we now have concluded phase one, and that the growth phase now starts.
  • With rather in-depth arguments we have negotiated with KTH management in order to reach a higher ratio between state funding for research and state funding for education. In this respect we are in the same league as the ABE School but very far from the other three schools. (see my last blog). These negotiations have now resulted in two things: i) Additional temporary (3-year) funding to reach a better balance and ii) partly led to the fact that KTH will investigate and redesign the principles for how the state funding is distributed between the schools.
  • Thanks to a very active faculty, we see during the last four years a stable increase in external funding achieved in hard competition, both nationally and internationally.

We have now closed the books for 2017 and we conclude that out economy is in balance. Total income is 591 MSEK and total cost is 591 MSEK. Education is around -1.5 MSEK and research is around +1,5 MSEK. Although the Scholl overall is in balance some departments are in a little less fortunate situation and the School will be working hard to improve this during 2018.

Finally, please note the Science week between January 31 and February 4 in connection with the inauguration of our new campus in Södertälje. The whole week is full if exciting activities and seminars. Here are just a few examples of the more than 25 topics covered:

  • Open house in the new premises – come and have look!
  • Cyberphysical systems in logistics and production!
  • Smart factories in Korea and Sweden!
  • KTH-Lean: Leadership, holistic workflows and systematic improvements!
  • On the way to heavy vehicle platooning!
  • VR-glasses and GO-PRO in pharmaceutical production!
  • Last but not least Kristina Palm and the undersigned will explain how we, together with colleagues, made it all happen!

You find the full program here.

I wish you all a rewarding 2018,

Jan Wikander, Head of School