Docents, important people in the PhD education

Docent is a title, which enables a person to act as a main supervisor for a PhD student. It should be noted that it is only a title and it does not influence the employment of a person. Thus, this enables external people to apply for becoming a Docent. This is a good way for … Continue reading “Docents, important people in the PhD education”

New year – New semester

Now the spring semester of 2018 has begun and hopefully all our courses and education is up and running. Personally I look forward to supervise master thesis projects, meeting all off these creative and engaged students close to their graduation is inspiring 🙂 One important educational issue that is upcoming is that it’s time for … Continue reading “New year – New semester”

ITM has become bigger and will continue to grow

From 1st of January ITM includes a seventh department (Institutionen för lärande) and our Department of Sustainable Production (HPU) has now moved to the brand new campus in Södertälje. Without these promising changes and developments we would have been the smallest of the five new Schools. Now we are next to smallest. Although growth is … Continue reading “ITM has become bigger and will continue to grow”