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New year – New semester

Now the spring semester of 2018 has begun and hopefully all our courses and education is up and running. Personally I look forward to supervise master thesis projects, meeting all off these creative and engaged students close to their graduation is inspiring 🙂

One important educational issue that is upcoming is that it’s time for us to start working with this years program analysis. The program analysis are governed by the fact that KTH’s programs has to be designed in such a way that they comply with both the university’s learning objectives as well as the Learning Outcome of the Higher Education Ordinance. Also UKÄs mission for the new national quality assurance system for education is based on the fact that the higher education institutions are given increased responsibility for their own quality assurance at all levels of education, and then UKÄ will review that the institutions have taken this responsibility. In order for us at ITM to be able to do reliable and accurate program analysis all course responsible teachers must contribute with course evaluations and course analysis. So, if you have a course that is mandatory for any of our programs, please send the course analysis to the program director!

Lastly I hope that you all have seen the invitation send by the ITM management team regarding Södertälje Science Week (January 31th – February 2nd). The new campus in Södertälje is very important for many of our programs, so if you want to know more about this event you can find more information here.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA