The library's exhibitions aim to inform, inspire reflection and contribute to dialogue. We want to give visitors the opportunity to learn more about KTH and to give students and researchers at KTH the possibility to show and inform others about current research, student projects, ideas, prototypes and products.

Bild från utställningen "Belägenheten på Osquars backe 31" på KTH Biblioteket


Belägenheten på Osquars backe 31

In 1917 KTH Campus and the Laboratory Building at Osquars Backe 31, where the library houses today, was inaugurated. What has happened in the building during all these years? 

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Are you a researcher or student at KTH and interested in having an exhibition at KTH Library? Or do you know of someone that you would like us to invite? Please contact us with a brief description of your idea.

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