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Eric Tyrode

Professor in Physical Chemistry

Many essential physical, chemical and biological reactions take place at the surfaces and interfaces that separate different substances and materials. Surfaces have very special properties but are also challenging to study because their functions are typically controlled by just the outermost molecular layers. Examples of such interfaces include the barriers that protect and separate our cells from the extracellular fluids in our own bodies, to the boundaries between immiscible liquids, (i.e. oil and water), in emulsions and dispersions, or even the contact area between skis and snow when going down a slope.

Eric Tyrode’s research aims to understand surface phenomena from a molecular perspective with the help of advanced laser techniques that are highly sensitive to processes that take place at different interfaces. An improved understanding of what is happening at a molecular level will make it possible to develop new concepts and achieve breakthroughs in many areas of scientific research.

This research requires access to technology and expertise that is only available in a few places in the world, including Tyrode’s research group which is one of the leading laboratories in the field.

A better understanding of the properties of surfaces could lead for instance to the development of new coating materials to protect everything from metals to textiles, as well as prevent ice formation on, for example, wind turbines and pumps, to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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