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Linda Lundström

Professor of Applied Physics

Visual optics is a field of interdisciplinary research developed in close collaboration with opticians and ophthalmologists. Researchers in the field work on theories and technologies to evaluate and improve the eye’s optical image quality and vision. This includes basic research on the development of the visual sense as well as the design of different types of visual correction measures. Current research challenges include finding ways to prevent presbyopia and to stop increasing levels of myopia.

Linda Lundström’s research in visual optics seeks to develop theories, measurement methods and instruments for evaluating the eye’s optical image quality and vision. Her specialty is the peripheral optical defects of the eye and how they affect our peripheral vision, for example when driving a car, as well as the emergence of myopia in younger patients.

KTH’s research group in visual optics designs vision-correcting aids, such as glasses, contact lenses and lenses that are used in cataract surgery. All this is to provide better visual quality also in peripheral vision. The team is also working to increase knowledge about how the image of the peripheral retina is used during the growth of the eye and how the development of myopia in the young can be stopped with specialized optical correction.

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