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Martin Lawoko

Professor of Wood Chemistry

New materials based on wood and biomass can play a key role in driving sustainable development and reducing climate change. Refining different substances from biomass may offer opportunities to replace many fossil-based materials and fuels. 

Martin Lawoko focuses on both basic and applied aspects of the development of new biomolecules from biomass, and on methods to make them practically useful for industry. There is a pressing need for the Swedish forestry sector to increase its product portfolio and at the same time contribute to sustainable development and a reduced environmental footprint. The research is often multidisciplinary and is conducted as part of international co-operation efforts to find new ways to manufacture bioplastics, biocomposites and functional polymers, for example.

Lawoko works in close collaboration with leading paper and pulp industries, such as Stora Enso, Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC), and strategic platform Bioinnovation, a cross-industry initiative that supports a bio-based Swedish economy 2050.

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