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Jens H Bardarson

Professor of Theoretical Physics

The properties of quantum matter are determined by the quantum nature of its elements. Quantum particles are at the same time waves that can interfere, like water waves, and entangle. When many such particles act together new phenomena can emerge, which cannot be understood by only knowing what a single particle does. New particles not otherwise found in nature can appear as the fundamental constituent of quantum matter.

Jens H Bardarson researches the physics of such quantum matter and its dynamics.

The research is theoretical but motivated by the experimental reality. Bardarson is therefore not only interested in fundamental theoretical understanding of quantum matter, but also how its properties can be observed through experiments and ultimately utilised in applications.

Often the first step is to simulate the physics in a computer experiment using and developing knowledge of quantum information as a tool. The goal of the research is to find new ways to describe and understand quantum physics and the rapidly emerging quantum technology, where quantum computers are the revolutionary application.  

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