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Mihai Mihaescu

Professor of Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics that includes the study of motion of fluids (e.g., air, water) and of the forces involved. The field seeks to explain many natural phenomena and applications are 

found almost everywhere in engineering and biological systems. Increasing knowledge about turbulent fluid flows, heat transfer and similar phenomena is a key part of dealing with many of our most pressing societal challenges. Mihai Mihaescu combines basic research on Computational Fluid Dynamics, heat transfer, and acoustics with applied research projects. The use of supercomputers is an important part of increasing knowledge in the field, which takes place in collaboration with the aerospace and automotive industries, the energy sector, and medicine. Understanding in the field of fluid flow physics is improved with the goal of developing more efficient ways of producing electricity and heat, as well as new ways of efficiently powering vehicles. Medical science can also benefit from calculations in the field, among other things to develop diagnostics and treatment methods for people with respiratory diseases and voice disorders. With the help of highly accurate calculations and using machine learning, new faster and better simulation tools and advanced virtual testing 

environments are being developed to replace expensive and sometimes intrusive experiments.

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