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Jonatan Lenells

Professor of Mathematics

Partial differential equations play a key role in science in describing different processes in nature. The solution to a partial differential equation can, for example, describe how the surface of a water wave waves back and forth, how a light pulse in a fibre optic internet cable propagates, or how space-time curves in the vicinity of a black hole.

Jonatan Lenells research focuses on nonlinear partial differential equations and on various problems in mathematical physics. Traditionally, waves have been described by linear equations, but many phenomena in nature are inherently non-linear. When two nonlinear waves meet, the result can be more than the sum of their respective parts. An extreme example is the sudden creation of monster waves at sea capable of sinking entire ships. Our understanding of nonlinear systems has advanced significantly in recent years. The relevant mathematics and physics are full of surprising results and exciting formulas. By further developing these methods, we can arrive at a deeper understanding of the Universe and the world around us.

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2022
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