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Oscar Quevedo Teruel

Professor of Electromagnetic Field Theory

Growing numbers of satellites are being launched for different applications, ranging from transmitting signals to our communication systems to monitoring weather and climate change. To be able to communicate as efficiently as possible with new satellites, there is a need to develop better antenna technologies.

Oscar Quevedo Teruel is researching so-called lens antennas that can be used for mobile communication in 5G and 6G networks, as well as satellite communication. He specializes in lens antennas made of meta-surfaces and geodetic shapes, both of which are ways of developing antennas to amplify and improve their properties. This knowledge can form the basis for constructing new antennas more easily and more cheaply than today.

He has also worked on the development of technologies such as microwave antennas that can be used for radar applications in space and in cars here on Earth. He works in collaboration with the Swedish communications industry, such as Ericsson, and the European Space Agency, ESA.

With growing numbers of satellites orbiting the Earth, communication with them needs to become safer and more efficient. New technical solutions for lens antennas pave the way for, inter alia, more cost-effective communication.

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2022
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