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Jesper Jerkert

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Lecturer (adjunkt), director of undergraduate studies, PhD student, Division of Philosophy, KTH.

My main field of interest is philosophy of science. My dissertation (in progress) is about scientific methods and their reliability, and about how to weigh evidence from different research methods, in particular in medical research. For example, I have written about the proper role of mechanistic reasoning in medicine, and I am currently working on a paper on arguments for and against randomisation. 

I also take an interest in some other philosophical subfields. For example, I am interested in aesthetics, but I have not yet published within that area.

I have written some extensive course texts, recently collected in the 300-pages textbook Science in Theory and Practice: An Introductory Survey, KTH 2019 (ISBN 978-91-639-5347-7).

I am course responsible and examiner for the AK2055 course (Theory of science and research methodology for teachers, 4 credits), given in the autumn each year (study period 2), and I am also involved to a lesser degree in various other modules given by the Division of Philosophy in courses owned by other KTH departments.


Applied Computer Science with Ethics (DD1325), teacher, assistant | Course web

Degree Project in Engineering Physics, First cycle (SA114X), teacher | Course web

Ethics of Biotechnology (AK2008), teacher | Course web

Programme Integrating Course in Computer Science Engineering (DD1390), assistant | Course web

Technology and Ethics (AK2011), teacher | Course web

Theory of Science and Research Methodology for Teachers (AK2055), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web