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How are things at ITM?

It will soon be time for a new ”MUS” employee survey. “MUS” can be seen as a temperature gauge that tells us about the general atmosphere at the workplace and how we balance our jobs with our leisure time.

To get the best possible picture it is important that as many people as possible answer the questionnaire. This will allow us to constructively allocate the resources where we need them the most. We are well aware of the importance of processing the information generated by the survey and it is management’s intention to do just that.

Below we have prepared a list of activities that have been conducted since the last survey. Naturally we hope that they have had a beneficial effect on everyone.

  1. To reduce the negative stress linked to work and to alleviate sleep difficulties caused by the prevailing situation at work we have arranged:
  • obligatory stress management seminars for all managers
  • lectures on the theme of stress for employees ”motivation till motion” (“motivation for exercise”). ”Lär dig hantera din stress” (“Learn to manage your stress”) and “Balans i Livet” (“A balanced life”).
  1. To improve the general level of health we have:
  • coordinated ITM’s preventative fitness activities
  • Step competition
  1. To increase the number of staff who are familiar with the emergency routines, we have:
  • prepared contingency plans and informed the employees about them
  1. To increase the number of staff who are familiar with the fire evacuation routines we have had:
  • regular fire drills in all premises
  • training of fire drill leaders and fire protection officers
  • fire safety training for lab work
  1. To increase the number of staff who are familiar with the routines after accidents/work injuries and routines for reporting irregularities regarding harassment and discrimination, we have:
  • developed tools for simpler reporting, we now keep statistics of accidents/ occupational injuries
  • provided information about the routines in the event of occupational injury, accidents, discrimination/harassment in all management groups, school/department
  • informed employees about the routines for handling occupational injury, accidents, discrimination/harassment
  1. To combat discrimination, the school has taken preventative action by:
  • arranging an event that focuses on equal treatment and diversity
  • played ”Mr. Norm” in different teams
  • raised equality issues on the management course
  1. To improve the indoor climate and therefore the physical work environment we have:
  • worked alongside Akademiska Hus in improving the indoor climate
  1. To improve the ergonomics in the workplace and therefore the physical work environment we have:
  • hired an ergonomist who has provided information about general issues linked to ergonomics
  • offered a personal ergonomics round for those who request one
  • purchased ergonomic products where the need exists
  1. To improve the supervision of our doctoral students:
  • MMK has created a supervisor’s forum
  • MSE has held regular meetings with its doctoral students
  • ITM has set up routines for following up the syllabus
  1. To improve the quality of performance review:
  • TMT has had workplace meetings and discussed and provided information about the development dialogues
  1. To improve leadership we have conducted:
  • a full-day management training course focusing on work environment, stress, conflict management etc.
  • coaching-programme for all managers in administration including group development
  • needs-based group-development
  • yearly leadership conference for all managers

We sincerely hope that some of the activities listed above have helped to improve the workplace but we also that we have learned to balance work and leisure in a way that will generate a noticeable improvement in the survey compared with the last one.

ITM’s management requests that you allocate time to answer the questionnaire when it arrives in your e-mail. This will enable us to influence and improve our shared work environment together.

Thank you in advance

Christina, Head of Administration