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Insightful thoughts from Per Lundqvist

Since one year has passed since Pelle Lundqvist signed off as GA for the ITM-school, I thought it could be a good idea to bring in some of his good ideas to this weeks blog. Pelle was interviewed by Campi recently, since he is a professor “with-a-good-sense-of-sustainable-solutions”. I recommend you all to click on the link and read the wise words of former GA Pelle Lundqvist, very interesting and thoughtful!

So, what else is ongoing? The coming month of March will be an intense time for all program involved faculty. Firstly, all program directors need to execute a program analysis, and in order for them to be able to do that all of us teachers have to make sure that our course evaluations and course analysis are updated and available. Secondly, KTH will arrange Öppet Hus on March 25th and 26th, where several of us will promote our educations. Please market this event if you know anyone who thinks about attending an education at KTH! And thirdly period three is about to be finished, which means that we all are focused on both creating and correcting exams as well as planning for the coming course in period four.

But I still hope you all have the possibility to enjoy the wonderful winter season!

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

Safety inspections

Our yearly safety inspections represent an important event to make the working environment at ITM’s offices and laboratories of highest standard to create a safe and inspiring working environment as well as to meet the Swedish law requirements. As a part of these efforts, it is time for our yearly safety inspections at each department. During the safety inspections an expert from Avanova will also participate. The specific days for the safety inspections are the following:

  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering: Wednesday February 21
  • Department of Learning: Wednesday March 28
  • Department of Industrial Production: Wednesday March 7
  • Deans office education office: Thursday March 8
  • Deans office Sing Sing: Thursday March 15
  • Department of Industrial Economy and Management: Thursday March 22
  • Department of Sustainable Production Development: Wednesday March 28
  • Department of Energy: Wednesday April 4
  • Department of Machine Design Wednesday April 11

The outcome of the safety inspections will be a document that summarizes possible corrections that need to be addressed. It is each Department Head’s task to make a plan to specify how and when these corrections should be completed in order to meet our standards as well as to meet the laws and regulations. Please contact your nearest manager if you need more information regarding the safety inspection at your department.

For those of you with kids an important time of the year is coming up next week, namely “sports week” (sportlov). Most of you will most likely plan some winter activities and I wish you a pleasant time. However, I will take a short break in the desert in Arizona. Shorts and t-shirt, swimming in pools, Mexican food…  Sounds good or what do you think?

Pär Jönsson, Vice Head of School

The school administration has moved!

It’s gotten crowded in Sing Sing. The Education Administration received more employees in connection with the school gaining a new department on 1 January 2018, the Department of Learning. Jan, Pär, Christina have moved into the library building. Jenni, the school’s new Communications Manager, will also be moving in.

We are now on the 4th floor of the southern tower. You are all warmly welcome to join us for coffee if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

/Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration

To admit doctoral students

Many supervisors find it hard to know how to admit PhD student and especially if the student comes from a country outside Europe. It can be difficult to find ones way through the governing documents of KTH and the school. It may also be difficult to know how to best advise the student regarding residence permits, housing, etc.

I have just employed a PhD student and have during the process noted what is important to think about in each step, what documents need to be in place and in what order etc. I intend to write a short description of this and post on the ITM website. Hopefully soon 🙂

It is almost time for the annual ITM doctoral conference, it takes place April 18-19, and will again be held at Skogshem and Wijk in Lindingö. This year’s theme is not yet fixed so ideas and suggestions are welcome.

/ Malin Selleby, FA