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Changes and planning

The ITM School will from January 1st be welcoming one more department – Department of Learning – which basically corresponds to the more academic part of the current ECE School. The remaining part is the KTH Library which will be organised under the central KTH administration. A working group including me, Arnold Pears (head of Department of Learning), Maria Haglund (head of the KTH Library) and Anders Lundgren (head of KTH Administration) is now working out the details of what and how this transfer of organisations will be performed. The Department of Learning will remain in its current premises.

Our president – Sigbritt Karlsson – is about to request development plans 2018-2023 from the KTH Schools, the tentative deadline is set to end of June 2018. This will be one central topic of the annual ITM Leaders’ Conference which takes place January 11-12 2018. The school will, in one way or the other, try to involve as many as possible in the process of creating the next development plan. Our strategic council with external and internal representatives (Anna Jerbrant, Jenny Janhager Stier, Claes Tisell, Jessica Matz Hammarlund and Charlotte Holgersson) will at its next meeting on March 7 have the development plan as the main topic. Discussing with the internal representatives is one way to be involved.

On December 18 in the afternoon a combined Faculty Club and end of year come-together will be arranged. The topic of the faculty club will be a discussion on how we perform and use course analysis to stay on top!

Jan Wikander, Dean of School