Öppettider under sommaren

Samtliga funktioner inom stödverksamheten är bemannade under hela sommaren. Expedition Sing Sing har dock stängt under veckorna 26-31. Expedition Nord har öppet under hela sommaren, under veckorna 27-31 är expeditionen bemannad mellan 08.30-13.00. Personalen går att nå via service@itm.kth.se  under hela sommaren mellan 08.30-16.30. Vi inom stödverksamheten hoppas att vi alla får en riktigt skön … Continue reading “Öppettider under sommaren”

Ongoing educational issues and nice example of student project

Finally we have reached the end of the spring semester, after a very intense period. The last couple of weeks my time has been filled with both examination, research conferences and the graduation ceremony for our master of science students in the City Hall. During the graduation ceremony the presentation of the diplomandi was mixed … Continue reading “Ongoing educational issues and nice example of student project”