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Anna-Karin Högfeldt

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Anna-Karin Högfeldt is a Lecturer, PhD student in the field of Engineering Education Research, and holds the position as the Operations manager of Teaching and Learning support at the Royal Institute of Technology. Anna-Karin is actively involved in the faculty training at KTH and coordinates networks for program directors and directors of studies. She is one of the main authors of the book Guide to Challenge Driven Education, which originates from a collaboration project with partners in Tanzania. In 2018, she received the KTH Pedagogical Award, for her work on community-building initiatives such as the Program Directors' network, Storträffen and PriU-groups.


Degree Project in Technology and Learning, Second Cycle (LT200X), examiner, teacher | Course web

Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education (LH225V), examiner, teacher | Course web

Industrial Project Management (ML1616), assistant | Course web

Leading Educational Development (LH217V), examiner, teacher | Course web

Learning for Sustainable Development (LH215V), examiner, teacher | Course web

Supervision and Assessment of Degree Project Work in First and Second Cycle (LH219V), examiner, teacher, course responsible | Course web

Teaching and Learning for Challenge Driven Education in a Global Context (LH233V), examiner, teacher | Course web