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AGI16 Lecture Slides

Lecture Content Slides

30 Aug

L1-Introduction: Uniview and course structure and grading. L1 slides

2 Sep

L2-L3-Forming Groups: We tested VIC and formed groups. L2 slides

6 Sep

L4-Preparing Proposals: We discussed the makings of a good proposal. L4 slides

9 Sep

L5-Proposals: Students propose their projects 1. L5 photos

13 Sep

L6-Proposal Feedback: We give each other feedback on the proposals. L6 slides

16 Sep

L7-Hello World Demos: We present evidence of projects on their way. L7 photos

20 Sep

L8-Preparing ForskarFredag: We do the logistics! L8 slides

27 Sep

L9-Last Demo before ForskarFredag: We present the current state of P1. L9 slides

11 Oct

L10_11-Reflections of ForskarFredag and preparing Comic Con. L11 slides
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