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New course plans, new guidelines and a new role

New year, new semester and time for me as dean of education to write my first blog of the decade. As usual we have several important ongoing educational issues to communicate:

Now we have finished the first semester with the new course plans since the changes of ILOs and examination due to the implementation of goal-oriented grading criteria. I know these changes was challenging for both how we design the exams as well as how we grade them, but it is beneficial for the educational quality, so good work!

At ITM we need to improve the publishing of course analyzes so that they are available for students, teachers and other employees at KTH. According to KTH’s guidelines (Riktlinje om kursvärdering och kursanalys) we are obliged to publish course analyzes after the end of the course and the course syllabus before the course starts. All course analyzes need to be made available at the ”Kursens utveckling och historik” page, which is a sub-page to the course page in the Course and Program Catalog. The easiest way to find this function is through links on the page “Course development and history” or on the course page. You can find more information and instructions on how to publish course analyzes here: Användarmanual – Om kursen. For the time being the number of course analyzes being published from ITM is very low so we really need to improve.

Also, I hope that you all noticed that KTH’s Vice-Presidents are blogging? Leif Kari (Vice-rektor för Utbildning) latest post had the headline Research + Education = True and is worth reading.

Conclusively, the president recently decided, based on the ITM school’s proposal, to appoint me as Deputy Head of the school. I’m very honored by this appointment and I think it will enable me to increase my efforts for an even stronger alignment between our educational development and the school’s overall strategic plans. And I’m looking forward to working even closer with the head of the school, the director of third cycle education, the head of administration and the responsible for faculty development at the ITM school with the help of both of these roles. I hope that being dep head of the school as well as director of first and second cycle education will enable me to intensify my strive for a high educational quality, increased process efficiency, sustainable engineering and added integration of gender, diversity and equality perspectives in our program and courses.

And I am very grateful being part of the development of the first and second cycle education at ITM. It is thrilling, sometimes frustrating, but always fun and very meaningful.

/Anna Jerbrant, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at ITM

Deputy Head of School & Director of First and Second Cycle Education