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Nominate a candidate for our Head of school

Nominera hen till skolchef Vem vill du se som skolchef för ITM från och med nästa år? Har du tänkt tycka till är det brådis – den 16 oktober ska alla förslag vara inne. För du vet väl att vi som är anställda på ITM kan nominerar en eller flera personer – eller oss själva – … Continue reading “Nominate a candidate for our Head of school”

It should be easy to do the right thing!   

In autumn 2018, the School was reviewed with regard to regulatory compliance. It was revealed that the School requires a lot of improvement, and we were asked to submit an action plan to the President of KTH and University Board, which in turn adopts the School’s action plan. The School of Industrial Engineering and Management’s … Continue reading “It should be easy to do the right thing!   “

Wellness promotion to be increased to SEK 3000 per year in 2019

KTH  views health and wellness as an important concern, because employees who are fit and well have more chance of being able to meet the demands placed upon them by their work. Your health is not just a personal matter, it is also a shared resource that is crucial to the organisation’s performance. As of … Continue reading “Wellness promotion to be increased to SEK 3000 per year in 2019”

Environmental Audit & Joint Operations Support (GVS)

Internal Environmental Audit At present, KTH is performing an internal environmental audit. The internal audit group visited by ITM last Friday, and a review of was carried out regarding: Follow-up and evaluation of mandatory requirements Management’s commitment and responsibilities Organisation and working methods for sustainability work Sustainability-aspects within the framework of the quality process for … Continue reading “Environmental Audit & Joint Operations Support (GVS)”