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Our new GRU-organization is launched!

The new organisational model chosen for the educational leadership at the ITM School is finally live.  The structure was developed during 2016 after through discussions. The educational board (UN) of ITM is now replaced with the”ITM Utbildingsutskott”. The idea behind the new model is a more efficient organization able to capitalize also on competences and experience from our director of studies and master program chairs. The “old” board only consisted of the five and three years program chairs and the student representatives from each program.

Now when the new structure is up and running several other constellations will be formed as forums for exchange of experience and information between directors of studies and program chairs. One group will be devoted to the student representatives. All groups will get administrative support from ITM administration. The first version of the educational board consists of two 5yr program chairs: (Hans Havtun EGI and Anders Söderberg MMK), two master program chairs (Gunilla Ölundh Sandström, MMK and Lars Uppvall, Indek) and two directors of studies (Viktoria Martin EGI and Lasse Wingård, IIP) and finally program students for M (Louise Rosenblad) and I (Daniel Berlin) + Andreas Alm Arvidsson (Secretary) and Henrik Sahlström from out student office.

The idea is that the positions will “roll” with a yearly change but with a 6 moth overlap to combine continuity with renewal. We are however still working on the details for this and the final form will be set during the spring. We are for instance aware of the poor representation of our Södertälje Campus.

The council had its first meeting January 24th. Upcoming meetings are planned for Feb 21, Mars 21, April 18 and May 16. All of them between 9.00 and 11.00.

/Per Lunqvist, GA