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Cluster conference “Challenges & Frontiers in Engineering Education’

Hi, again colleagues! I promised a short report from the Cluster conference “Challenges & Frontiers in Engineering Education’ in Eindhoven last week. The conference was held in the futuristic space ship give to Philips from the City back in the sixties named as the Evoluon Congress Centre. It is not clear if it also is … Continue reading “Cluster conference “Challenges & Frontiers in Engineering Education’”

Hi everybody,

Last week all the GA´s from KTH (directors of first and second level studies) travelled together to Eindhoven for a fruitful visit to the Eindhoven University, TU/e. Along for the ride was also our Rector, Vice Rector for Education and a few more important colleagues. The purpose of the trip was to discuss our future … Continue reading “Hi everybody,”

Why blog?

One attempt to improving the internal communication at ITM is the decision to start this blog. At least one post per week will be posted and the hope is to create a dialogue with the school staff. The posts will be made by the ITM’s management, who consists of: Jan Wikander, Dean of School Pär Jönsson, Vice-Dean of … Continue reading “Why blog?”