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The exam is a 5 hour written exam. If you arrive more than 45 minutes late you are not allowed to participate. You need to be able to show a valid ID card.

The exam consists of 9 problems, each of them worth 4 points. The first three constitute part A of the exam and can in part be replaced by bonus points from the continuous examination at the seminars. See the page bonus points in the main menu. The next three problems make up part B and the last three problems part C.

The grading will be done according to this table:

Total score 27 24 21 18 16 15
Score on part C 6 3

On the page General information about the exam information is given about special criteria.

Register for the exam

You have to register for the exam through Mina sidor. If you are having problems registering, please contace kurssekreteraren to make sure you have been registered to the course.

If you have already passed the course and would like to re-take the exam to get a higher grade you cannot register for the exam as above. Instead, you should go to  the math student office and fill out a form.

The grade FX

If your grade on the exam is FX you will have an opportunity to change it into a passing grade E by taking a small 90 minute written test, shortly after the exam. This also applies at re-exams.

No calculators

This is a pen and paper exam. No formula sheets or calculators are allowed.

Previous exams

To see previous exams, please go to the relevant page in the main menu.

Teacher Lars Filipsson created page 7 September 2014

Teacher commented 16 December 2015

It is no longer possible to register for the exam January 11th. If you have failed to register you will probably be able to take the exam anyway, but there is no guarantee. We will publish information on the course web approximately a day before the exam saying in what rooms there are available seats. Go there on the day of the exam (come really early just to make sure) and speak to the personnel. There is a great chance that you will be able to take the exam.