Here we list some frequently asked questions.

Results page:

  • I do not know where my seminar takes place? The information is available from your results page.
  • I can not find my results page! Here it is.

Bonus points:

  • My bonus points do not show on the results page.  Please contact the assistent of your seminar.


  • The results page does not say where my exam takes place: After the deadline for registration expires, it still takes a couple of days before the page is updated.
  • I forgot to register for the exam: There are some free spots available. Information about these will pop up under "exam".
  • I have not received extended timeSee this page.
  • I am uncertain if I have gotten extended time: If eligble that extended time will appear on your resultatsida.
  • I want to re-take the exam to get a higher grade (plussa): If you have earlier passed the exam then you can not register using the pages "mina sidor", but will have to fill out a special form available from the math student office.
  • Can my grade drop if I re-take the exam? No, your best result stands.

Special arrangements:

  • Can I change seminar group?: No.
  • I have missed a seminar, what now? Move on.
  • I failed a seminar, what now? Move on.

When is the exam:

  • Exams and reexams? There are four exams during the academic year, one after each study period. Exact dates and times can be seen in the schedule or on the page Dates and location (see the menu, under Exam)
  • Is there an exam in August? No.


  • How do I register for the course? See the menu.

Can I use a different text book:

  • Can I use a different text book or an older edition of the text book? Yes, there are plenty of good books, have your pick. The changes made when a new edition comes out are usually minor. But remember, we only give an outline of the course with recommended exercises etcetera for the text book and edition we have chosen.
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