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How the seminars work

Purpose of seminars

Seminars are centered around exercises and problems. Students are expected to have solved the exercises before the actual seminar. During the seminar solutions are presented and discussed by the students.

The idea is that the exercises will be interesting and educational, and that the communication about the exercises will enhance a deeper understanding of the subject. The seminars are to promote activity and continuous learning.


In order to pass a single seminar, the student will have to participate actively in the discussions and the presentations. One also needs to pass a particular control assessment. At certain seminars that assessment is to hand in solutions to exercises, and at other seminars the assessment is to pass a small test. More detailed information about the assessments are found in the pages down to the left.

Every seminar starts with a control assessment.

It is important to show up in time.

Life jacket program

Active participation in the seminar is closely related to performing well on the final examn. We will therefore provide the results from the seminars to the head of your program. This is to eventually channel help to students that appear to be in need.

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