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Course content

Information about the aim and scope of the course is given in the course plan

The following chapters from the text book Calculus are covered:

  • Chapter P. Preliminaries
  • Chapter 1. Limits and continuity
  • Chapter 2. Differentiation
  • Chapter 3. Transcendental functions
  • Chapter 4. More applications of differentiation
  • Chapter 5. Integration
  • Chapter 6. Techniques of integration 
  • Chapter 7. Applications of integration
  • Chapter 8. Conics, parametric curves and polar curves
  • Chapter 9. Sequences, series and power series
  • Section 18.6. Non-homogeneous linear ODE

For aims and scope and for a detailed plan of the course, please see the course plan and the page Recommended exercises (main menu). The following sections can be skipped:  4.7, 4.11, 6.7-6.8 (except for the part about Taylor's formula in 6.8), 7.7-7.9, 8.6, 9.4-9.9.