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Here we list some frequently asked questions.

Results page:

  • I do not know where my seminar takes place? The information is available from your results page.
  • I can not find my results page! Here it is.

Bonus points:

  • My bonus points do not show on the results page.  Please contact the assistent of your seminar.


  • The results page does not say where my exam takes place: After the deadline for registration expires, it still takes a couple of days before the page is updated.
  • I forgot to register for the exam: There are some free spots available. Information about these will pop up under "exam".
  • I have not received extended timeSee this page.
  • I am uncertain if I have gotten extended time: If eligble that extended time will appear on your resultatsida.
  • I want to re-take the exam to get a higher grade (plussa): If you have earlier passed the exam then you can not register using the pages "mina sidor", but will have to fill out a special form available from the math student office.
  • Can my grade drop if I re-take the examn? No, your best result stands.

Special arrangements:

    • Can I change seminar group?: No.
    • I have missed a seminar, what now? Move on.
    • I failed a seminar, what now? Move on.