Videos (in swedish)

Preparatory videos (in swedish) for the lectures

There are short introductory videos to each lecture, in swedish. To access the videos go to the platform Scalable Learning., create an account and join this course with a code.

  • SF1625 för CINTE CTOMK har kursnyckel EBFLF-69417

Youtube material

There are a lot of material on youtube from several sources, like Khan Academy and others. See the page Youtube-länkar mm. A swedish site offering Calculus videos is .The material there relevant for our course is divided into three parts

  • Endim Analys A1 (precalculus)
  • Endim Analys A2 (limits and differentiation)
  • Endim Analys A3 (integrals etc)

There are a bit more material on differential equations and complex numbers than what is included in our course.

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