General info

The course is divided into seven modules, that are taught in three lectures and two tutorials each. The first six modules are concluded by a seminar where you can earn bonus points for the exam. 

Lectures, Tutorials, Seminars

There are short videos (in swedish) for each lecture. At the tutorials we focus on solving exercises from the text book. At certain seminars you are required to hand in solutions to problems, at other seminars there will be a written test. If you work through the material and prepare carefully for the seminars you are very likely to pass the course. Those who do not manage to make the effort to pass the seminars often fail the course.

Individual Work

Observe that for each hour in class you should spend 1-2 hours on individual work at home. Part of this can be done close to the exam but a lot has to be done continuosly during the course. At least 2 hours of homework each day, plus preparation for the seminars, is probably required in order to pass the course.

A thorough knowledge of precalculus is required, that is knowledge of the laws of the exponent, the laws of the logarithm, roots, trigonometry, straight lines, polynomials etcetera. If you do not have a solid knowledge of these things you will have to spend extra time on it. 

What to do each week and extra exercises

Here are some hints and extra exercises:

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