Code of honour and plagiarism

Sometimes it can be good if the report includes a short quote from what others have written or said. In this case, write the quote within quotation marks and provide a reference to the source.

If your degree project assignment is so closely linked to that of another student that the same chapter(s) appears in both reports, you must both clearly indicate this.

All other text must be written and formulated by yourself.

Keep in mind that it is not only straight copying but also reformulations and translations that are regarded as plagiarism. Remember also to provide a source reference for all facts, ideas, etc., that are not your own.

CSC runs plagiarism checks on all final reports.

Refer also to the KTH text on cheating and plagiarism:

Please also note that since your report is published in DiVA it must obey current copyright law. That in particular means that you cannot copy figures or images from other publications (even with a reference) unless you have obtained permission from the copyright holder, or if the material falls under a license that allows such use, such as Creative Commons.

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