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Degree project checklist

1. Title and summary

  • The title clearly describes the report.
  • The summary reflects the content of the report. Both English and Swedish summaries are provided.

2. Introduction

  • The question is easy to identify, the project's purpose and objective are clear.
  • The problem (and the student's contribution) has defined limits, its relevance is justified and put in context.

3. Background

  • The student displays knowledge of theoretical background and previous related work (significant literature is mentioned and relevant material is used).
  • The background is coherent and relevant.

4. Methods

  • The choice of method is justified.
  • Relevant methods are clearly described and supported by references.
  • The methods are used correctly, the technical content is at an appropriate level.

5. Results (objective observations)

  • The results achieved in the project are structured in a logical manner and clearly illustrated (tables, charts, etc.).
  • Suitable data analysis or examination has been performed in a technically correct manner.

6. Discussion and conclusions (subjective analyses)

  • The main findings are highlighted and critically evaluated against the background of the study's assumptions and limitations.
  • The project results are interpreted or discussed in a broader context; opinions and personal comments are well founded and supported by the results.
  • The conclusions are reasonable, concrete and correspond to the question.

7. The report - general characteristics (written presentation)

  • The report is coherent and focused on the problem; the project's objective is achieved and the question is supported by the content
  • The presentation style is well suited to the intended readers (it should be comprehensible and relevant for Master's students with basic, but not necessarily detailed, knowledge of the subject area).
  • Tables and graphs are used in the report and referred to in the text; table description and captions are clear and informative
  • The content is well structured and the language in the report is at an appropriate level (follows technical/academic standards)
  • Spelling, grammar and formatting are at a good level