Working process

IMPORTANT: For students starting their thesis work in the spring of 2021,
i.e from period 3 or later, a new process will apply! In particular, the application and the submission of the project proposal should be done online in Canvas here.

The application will open Nov 1, and the deadline for submitting the application and thesis proposal for period 3 is December 15, 2020.

Further detailed information will be published here as well as in Canvas.

For students starting their thesis project in 2020, the
working process of a masters thesis project is structured in the following way:

  • Find an assignment that you believe is suitable for a degree project. Discuss the assignment with the host institution and produce a written project description.
  • Submit the description to the degree project coordinator of your project area to be assigned a supervisor and examiner.
  • Also fill out the application form and send it to the degree project coordinator. You should enter all information in Part 1, as well as the applicable parts of Part 2 (preliminary title, starting date, host organization, and contact person). If you have already contacted a potential supervisor and/or examiner, you must notify the degree project coordinator and enter this information in Part 2 of the form. You do not need to get the examiner's signature on the form.
  • The examiner approves the degree project assignment.
  • Follow the directions from the degree project coordinator for course admission and registration.
  • The supervisor convenes the first supervision session, and determines the structure of the supervision.
  • degree project agreement may be signed with the host organization (not required but may clarify responsibilities and increase security; required in the special case where you act as your own host organization).
  • Start the process by preparing a detailed specification and schedule.
  • Get the detailed specification and schedule approved by the supervisor and examiner.
  • Work on the prestudy. You can also start with the actual work and the report.
  • The prestudy is examined in the manner indicated by the supervisor.
  • Carry out the practical work and write the report. Maintain contact with the supervisor.
  • Attend at least two degree project presentations to observe the process. Use this signature sheet to confirm your attendance. Submit on paper or scanned to the degree project coordinator.
  • Act as opponent at a project presentation by another student. The procedure for signing up and serving as opponent is described here.
  • Undergo your public discussion and examination. Registration is required.
  • Apply finishing touches to your report. Review the content, language and typography. Use of the LaTeX thesis template found here is recommended.
  • Prepare your self-evaluation.
  • Send the report to your supervisor for approval for presentation. At the same time send the self-evaluation to the supervisor.
  • When the supervisor is satisfied with the report, he/she fills in their part of the evaluation document and forwards this and the thesis to the examiner.
  • When the examiner has approved the thesis for presentation, register with the degree project coordinator for presentation of your project. 
  • Present your degree project.
  • Implement any final adjustments in the report. After the presentation, you have the opportunity to make changes to the report based on comments from the opponent, supervisor or examiner. The supervisor/examiner can require you to make some changes.
  • Submit the final report to the supervisor and examiner for final approval.
  • For Computer Science theses: Submit the report to the degree project coordinator for approval. Use the e-mail
  • The report is uploaded in Diva by the administrative staff.

You must expect it to take more than 20 weeks from the start of the degree project to its final approval. The supervisor and examiner need time to review the report. In addition, you may require time off for holidays, Christmas or exam preparation.

Since the degree project is part of your educational program, you must visit KTH from time to time.

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