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For DA221X, DA222X, DA223X, DA224X, DA225X and DA226X, it is compulsory to complete the examiner evaluation. For older courses (DD221X, DD225X, DD226X, DH224X, DM228X, DT220X), it is recommended to fill in the form.

As an examiner, you start from the student's self-assessment and the supervisors comments and comment upon it (briefly if the student's argumentation is valid). If you as examiner disagree with the supervisor's assessment that a certain criterion is fulfilled, ask the supervisor to tell the student to address the problem and then re-assess the criterion before sending it to the examiner again.

DA221X, DA222X, DA223X: Fill in the evaluation form that you have been sent by the student (template).

DA224X, DA225X, DA226X: Fill in the evaluation form that you have been sent by the student (template)  according to the evaluation template.

The examiner for the opposition is to complete an evaluation of these criteria and send it to the examiner for the whole of the student's degree project, should this examiner be someone else.