Even if you have a supervisor at an external principal's place of work, youmust always have an academic supervisor at CSC.

Supervision at CSC is in most cases provided through group supervision, and as such the main contact takes place at group meetings. However, it is your responsibility to keep your supervisor updated on the progress of the work. You must inform your supervisor at CSC if the specification of the degree project needs to be changed, both in terms of content or if the schedule has been shifted more than two weeks.

Group supervision for students doing 30 credit degree projects at CSC

The main aim of group supervision is to assist students in completing their degree projects within the designated time. Group supervision is based on the group having fixed time frames for different steps in the work with the degree project, and the students and supervisor all striving to stay within these time constraints.

Group supervision starts on fixed dates, approximately twice per semester, and has set dates for report sessions, as established during the first supervision session.

What does group supervision involve?

A group consists of up to six degree project students, and everyone in the group usually has the same supervisor. A group can also consist of students who have different supervisors, but where these have formed a common group.

Group supervision means that the group and the supervisor meet on five scheduled occasions during the work period and discuss the degree project work together. Aside from this, there will obviously be the opportunity to meet with the supervisor on your own and to discuss the degree project.

Each group supervision session has a specific theme and purpose. Before each group meeting, the group members send each other and the supervisor a document outlining a further step in the work on the degree project. The specifics of what needs to be produced on each occasion are communicated by the supervisor. Each group participant reads and comments on the other group participants' documents before the meeting.

The supervisor should have a schedule proposal ready for the first group supervision session, wherein the schedule should be established.

Attendance is mandatory for all group supervision sessions.

Should you miss something, it is up to the supervisor to determine how you should catch up with the work.

How is the work in the group planned?

The supervisor schedules the group supervision sessions and submission dates.

Possible plan for group supervision of degree projects

What happens if I fall behind?

If you are aware that you will fall behind, you must contact your supervisor immediately. You will then devise a plan together for how to tackle the problems so that you complete your degree project as soon as possible. It may be necessary to transfer to a later starting group.

The supervisor's time

Academic supervision of a degree project is estimated to take 20 work hours. If the teacher devotes more time than this, the time must then be taken from other work tasks or leisure time. These 20 hours shall include preparations for the degree project; reading and feedback on the degree project assignment, specification, draft report, completed report; examination of the literature study; feedback during the work; attendance at the presentation and the basis for grading.

However, if you do the degree project at a CSC department, e.g., within a research project, it is likely that the supervisor will devote additional time as an expert supervisor (corresponding to the external supervisor when doing a degree project at a company), but this will be provided within the framework of the supervisor's research.

Your supervisor will obviously read the report before it is finished. Inform the supervisor in advance when you intend to submit your report. Supervising your degree project is of course one of many tasks for your supervisor. Please remind your supervisor that your report is forthcoming one or two weeks before you submit it so that the supervisor can schedule time to read it. The supervisor may still need some time to read your report.

You should expect a thorough reading to take two weeks, or at most three weeks.

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