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Master of Science in Engineering

For a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, the student must demonstrate:

  1. knowledge of the scientific foundation and proven experience of the chosen field of technology
  2. insight into current research and development
  3. broad knowledge within the chosen field of technology, including knowledge of mathematics and science
  4. ability to critically, independently and creatively identify, formulate and deal with complex questions using a holistic approach 

For a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, the student must have the ability to:

  1. participate in research and development work and thereby contribute to knowledge development
  2. create, analyse and critically evaluate different technical solutions
  3. plan and, using appropriate methods, carry out advanced tasks within predetermined parameters
  4. critically and systematically integrate knowledge
  5. model, simulate, predict and evaluate processes, even with limited information
  6. develop and design products, processes and systems, taking into account the conditions and needs of human beings and society's goals for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development
  7. work in a team and cooperate in groups with different compositions
  8. clearly present in writing and discuss their conclusions and the knowledge and arguments that form the basis for these, both in a national and international context
  9. make assessments while taking into account relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects, and demonstrate awareness of ethical aspects of research and development work
  10. demonstrate insight into the opportunities and limitations of engineering, its role in society and the responsibility of human beings for how it is used, including social and economic aspects as well as environmental and work environment aspects
  11. identify their need of further knowledge and to continuously develop their skills