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Working process

  • Read the student instructions for writing a degree project
  • Examiner approves the proposed assignment and deems it suitable as a degree project, based upon the assignment description submitted by the student.
  • Verify that the engineer has the necessary pre-requisites to be able to complete the degree project. It is usually the case that the degree project coordinator or study advisor has already verified that the student has sufficient credits and has completed the obligatory courses required. As an examiner, you must also verify that the student has sufficient background knowledge within the degree project's field. This can be done by verifying that the student has completed the required courses and/or illustrated sufficient existing knowledge in the assignment description.
  • Appoint supervisor In many cases, the degree project coordinator or student will have already suggested a supervisor. Should this not be the case, or if you as examiner believe another supervisor would be more suitable, you appoint the supervisor.
  • Approve the specification once it is submitted by the supervisor (approx. 2 weeks into the degree project).
  • Approve the preliminary report for presentation (approx 19 weeks into the degree project): The report shall be as good as completed so that you as an examiner are sure that the project will be approved and a public discussion and examination can be conducted. However it need not be completely finished.
  • Provide opinions and comments on report for presentation.
  • Participate in (and often lead) the oral presentation seminar. 
  • Grade the oral presentation and the public discussion and examination.
  • Provide a final evaluation of the degree project.
  • Ensure that the degree project has been checked for plagiarism. It is the task of the examiner to ensure that plagiarism checks are conducted, however you need not conduct these personally.

Register the grade, always through the degree project coordinator.