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Registering for the presentation

Your report does not need to be completely finished by the presentation. However, it must be in such a condition two weeks before the presentation that the examiner can assess whether the work is of sufficient quality and for the opponent to engage in a comprehensive public discussion and examination of the work. All sections and all conclusions must therefore be included. Diagrams must be presented and be comprehensible. The table of contents must be included.

It is the supervisor and examiner who assess whether the report meets the requirements to be presented.

Once your report is approved by the examiner and supervisor, it is time for you to register for the presentation. This must be done on the Monday of the week before the presentation (N.B. Not the same week as the presentation).

Presentation dates

See Current starting dates and presentation dates


You register for the presentation with the degree project coordinator by submitting ONE e-mail.

The registration must contain:

  1. Approval from the examiner that the report is ready for presentation. Attach it to your e-mail or include it.
  2. An electronic version of the report in pdf format. Instead of sending the report, you can upload it to a server (such as Dropbox) where it can be retrieved with a web browser, and then e-mail the address to the degree project coordinator. Name the report as follows: firstname_lastname.pdf .
  3. The report's abstract in html form. It is nice but not required that you also submit the Swedish Sammanfattning. Here are some Instructions. Submit by email or make available to the degree project coordinator through Dropbox (or similar).
  4. Request for presentation time. If you already have a time agreement with your examiner, include the time. If you are unavailable at certain times include those times.
  5. Information about your need to do opposition on another thesis. Have you done opposition already? If not, is the thesis your last element before you can graduate?

Please also note

  • Swedish abstract is not necessary at this point but please be aware that it will be required in the final version of the thesis, according to a decision by the KTH president.


The degree project coordinator appoints an opponent.