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Contact and contract with the principal

Agreements for degree projects at CSC

A formal agreement can be written between CSC, the principal and the degree project student. This clarifies the parties' obligations.

If the principal is an external company/organisation or CSC, the degree project student decides whether he/she wishes to sign the agreement. The agreement thus constitutes security for the degree project student. For example, the principal approves the publication of the report. In cases where the degree project student is their own principal, the agreement MUST be signed. The aim of the agreement is then to clarify that the degree project student is responsible for supplying the equipment, workplace and practical help and support.

The agreement should be written as soon as the degree project has commenced. The agreement is available in Swedish and English.

Degree project agreement in Swedish

Degree project agreement in English

Contact between CSC and the principal

It is advisable, and preferable, if your supervisor at CSC and your supervisor at the principal's workplace meet at the start of your work – if this is practical. The principal can then achieve a better understanding of the requirements imposed on a degree project and the supervisor at CSC can gain a better understanding of the principal's problem. If the meeting takes place at the principal's premises, the supervisor at CSC can also get a glimpse into the environment where you will be working and the equipment you will be working with. On this occasion, it is appropriate to write a degree project agreement. The detailed specification and schedule can also be discussed and signed at this meeting.

Try to hold regular meetings with your supervisor at the principal's workplace. Compile a list of important questions for these meetings. Also try to write down what has been agreed upon at each meeting. It may also be appropriate for you to send these informal minutes to your supervisor at CSC.

Maintain your independence in respect of the principal. You do not have to look positively on everything you are required to do and all conditions and goals. Nor do you need to look positively at the tools available to you in the work.

Financial compensation for your work with an external principal

It can happen that those doing degree projects with an external principal receive financial compensation for their work. If you are offered compensation, this is an agreement between you and the principal and not something that CSC gets involved in.

However, you must be aware that it concerns a degree project, which is part of your education and it must therefore be approved by CSC. It is not a case of being employed by the principal.

Your degree project must therefore meet the requirements imposed on it by CSC, regardless of whether or not you are paid by the principal. It is common for the principal to want the degree project student to continue working for them and, for example, implement that which they have been working on.

However, in this event, you should first ensure that the report gets completed and the degree project gets passed, and only then commit to further work with the project. Experience shows that it can easily happen that the report is neglected and the more time that passes from the work being done to the report is completed, the more difficult it becomes.