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Assignment description

The description of the degree project assignment must include the following elements. Please submit as pdf.

  2. PRELIMINARY THESIS TITLE: What will be the subject of the degree project?
  3. BACKGROUND/CONDITIONS: Where will the practical part of the degree project be carried out? Describe the background of the project and (where applicable) the host organization's motivation for the project.
  4. RESEARCH QUESTION: A degree project must examine a specific research/technical question. Provisionally state:
    • The QUESTION that will be examined.
    • The RESEARCH AREA for the project.
    • CONNECTION TO RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT: Describe how the assignment is connected to current research or development. Describe why the question is of interest and to whom?
    • EXAMINATION METHOD: How shall the specified question be examined?
    • HYPOTHESIS: What are the possible/probable outcomes of the examination?
    • EVALUATION: How can one determine if the objective of the degree project has been fulfilled and if the question has been answered adequately?
  5. BACKGROUND OF THE DEGREE PROJECT STUDENT Describe the knowledge (courses and/or experiences) you have that makes this an appropriate assignment for you.
  6. For degree projects at companies: SUPERVISOR AT THE COMPANY: Describe the person/s who will supervise you at the company and their role and involvement in the degree project.
  7. LIMITS/RESOURCES: What is already available at the company (or other host institution) in the form of previous projects, software, expertise, etc.?

    The description must ensure that there is adequate preparation so that the degree project student does not need to do all their practical work without an established foundation, thus assuring time for conducting the scientific investigation.

    • Eligibility: It is your responsibility, as a student, to verify that you are eligible to start your degree project. You must in your assignment description assure that you have completed all courses for the bachelors' degree and at least 60hp completed second cycle courses and that the 60hp include a course in scientific theory and method (e.g. DA2205, DA2210, DH2610, DM2572) and all courses relevant for the thesis.
    • Study planning: Also, you must list all courses remaining before you may apply for the master's degree and briefly describe how and when you plan to complete those courses.  
    This is aimed to ensure that the thesis really is one of the last elements of your education.

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commented 17 January 2017

I have just received an e-mail from Anders Hedman asking us to upload our thesis proposal, and I wonder, is this the same as the thesis proposal? The one with a deadline of January 20th at midnight. Because if that is the case then it will be difficult for me to provide meaningful answers to all these 8 points in only a page of text.

Administrator commented 18 January 2017

Hi Rodrigo,

For January 20th it is sufficient that you follow the instructions in the email. (You can use more space as well.)

commented 30 December 2018

How should I parse the following sentence?

"Why and where will the practical part of the degree project be carried out?"

Does the "why" here ask for a motivation of carrying out the degree project at all or is the question 
asking why the degree project should be carried at at that specific location?