Start dates and presentation dates

Degree projects have fixed start dates, with one start period per study period.

Starting dates

  • Study period 1: August 26 - September 7 2019.
  • Study period 2: October 28 - November 9 - please submit proposal by October 21.
  • Study period 3: January 15 - January 24 2020 - please submit by January 8
  • Study period 4: March 16 - March 27 - please submit by March 9

The starting dates indicate when the first supervision meeting will take place. Prior to this, student must have formulated their degree project proposal and had it approved by the examiner. 

Unless otherwise stated, the degree project proposal must be submitted to the coordinator at least one week before the earliest starting dates listed above.

Presentation dates

Thesis presentations will take place in agreement with the thesis coordinator. The scheduling will depend on when the examiner (and supervisor) is available. Typically, no presentations are scheduled during the vacation period (approximately July 1 to August 15) due to limited availability of examiners, opponents, and administrative staff. 

The thesis must be approved for presentation by the examiner and the registration for presentation submitted to the thesis coordinator by the Monday the week before the planned presentation date, i.e., at least one week in advance.

Presentation schedule

A list of currently scheduled presentations can be found here.

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