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Summary in HTML

The summaries in HTML form

For each report, there are links from the report list to the summaries in HTML form.

You must therefore create two HTML files:

  • One file with the summary in Swedish
  • One file with the abstract in English

You can choose the appearance of your summaries with the following restrictions:

  • Your name and the title of the report in the appropriate language must be included.
  • The appearance is to be simple and relatively strict.
  • The following is a suggested order:
  • Your name
  • The report title in the appropriate language
  • The heading “Summary” or “Abstract”
  • The summary text in the appropriate language

You are to submit the Summary and Abstract in the form of two URLs to web pages, or by e-mailing them to the degree project coordinator for your degree project subject. There may only be one file for each language. We transfer the file. It cannot therefore contain links to other files needed to build the web page, e.g., style sheets or images.