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DD221X, DD225X, DD226X, DH224X, DM228X, DT220X: Grading criteria

At final grading, the following criteria are used:

1 The content of the report

Does the project have interesting and non-trivial engineering and scientific


Is there a clear and comprehensible problem formulation? 

Has the choice of method been described, justified and discussed in a scientific and

 correct manner? 

Is there an external analysis that comprises previous research, articles and other

 relevant information?

2 The process

Has the specification functioned as a guiding document throughout the process? 

Have the supervisor and examiner been informed of deviations from the original specification and have these

deviations also been entered in the specification? 

Are there satisfactory explanations for deviations, primarily in relation to time spent and results? 

Has the degree project student kept the supervisor up to date on what is happening during the project's


Has the degree project student demonstrated independence during the project?

Has the degree project student accepted the comments and advice of the supervisor and examiner in a

conscious and constructive manner during the process? 

Has the degree project student independently been able to achieve a high quality of presentation without several attempts with the supervisor? 

Has any criticism received during the oral presentation led to improvements in the report?

3a Written presentation

Does the report describe the project in a fair and clear manner? 

Does the report fulfil established requirements regarding form and content as well as good language use? 

Does the report clearly and comprehensibly describe the different steps in the project? 

Does the report contain the project's questions, methodology, results and a critical


3b Oral presentation and defence

Have the presentation and subsequent discussion been clear, comprehensible and

 adapted for the audience?

Has the presentation been well prepared and kept within the specified time frame? 

Have questions from the audience and opponent been answered satisfactorily?

Public discussion and examination

Has the degree project student filled in the opponent record in a clear and complete manner?

Has the degree project student critically examined and evaluated the respondent's report, identified

strengths and any weaknesses, and proposed how the report can be further developed?

Is the criticism provided considered realistic and constructive?

Has the opposition led to an interesting and constructive discussion?

Each question is assessed on a scale of 1-3 and a weighted total determines the final grade. Content is weighted 3, process is weighted 1.5 and the public discussion and examination is weighted 0.5. Written presentation and oral presentation are weighted 1. The weighted value of the content can be adjusted by +1 or -1. All elements must be passed for the degree project to receive a passing grade . The point total for a passing grade on a degree project is 6-22. 18p gives an A, 15p gives a B, 12p gives a C, 9p gives a D and 6p gives an E.