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Instructions for the oral presentation of degree projects at CSC

You present your degree project in the report. In addition, you must also present the work orally at a seminar at KTH.

All degree projects at CSC must be presented orally at CSC.

Students, employees of CSC and other interested parties (e.g. parents, siblings and boyfriends/girlfriends) are welcome to attend. You should personally invite your principal. Invitations to degree project presentations are published in CSC's calendar online.

The oral presentation must obviously be well prepared. The ability to give a good presentation while being unprepared is an ability very few people possess. You should therefore think through what you want to say and write down key points. There is a great deal you need to cover in a short time, which requires good preparation.

The presentation will serve as a platform to pique interest in your report and contains the most important conclusions and, beyond this, the information that the audience (who cannot be presumed to have read the report) needs to understand, in order to be able to interpret and discuss the conclusions. For example, a presentation of the problem, a description of what you have done, the results yielded, a discussion on the significance your work will have, the problems you encountered and the issues you have not been able to resolve. You do not need to cover everything in the report, but instead use the presentation to awaken interest in the report. Please feel free to liven up the presentation with a brief demonstration on the computer, if the work you have done suits this platform.

The presentation should take 20-25 minutes + time for public discussion and examination and any questions. Shorter or longer than that suggests poor preparation.

A poor presentation may result in a failing grade. You will then have to redo the presentation at a later date.

Check out Olle Bälters Tips for presentations  !