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Before starting

Before starting your exjobb at CSC, KTH Here are some advice on how to find a task for your exjobb and the first steps in getting started.

Read the instructions Before you start looking for a suitable task for an exjobb, you should read the text "following texts: ¶

What is an exjobb" and the
general instructions.

Ready for an exjobb? Please verify in the general instructions that you meet the prerequisites.

When can you start Until the spring of 2008 it has been possible to start the exjobb at any time of the year except for the vacational season. From the fall semester of 2008 fixed starting dates are introduced for some exjobb subjects. Please check the web information for your subject.

Find a task for your exjobb There are many ways of finding a good project task for the exjobb. Try to find one that you find interesting and where you feel confidence in the provider.

Look on the web On the Swedish exjobb page you will find a number of links to research groups at CSC and to different companies that normally provide project tasks for exjobbs. There is also a link the the exjobb pool, where companies may announce their project tasks.

Contact researchers at CSC On the CSC web pages you can read what the different research groups are working on. If you think it would be interesting to do the exjobb in one of the areas where CSC researchers are working you may contact the research leader. If you have ideas yourself of something you would like to do that is in line with what a research group is doing, you may present them to the research leader.

Most of the research groups at CSC have a web page where they announce exjobb project tasks. But sometimes they are not so good at updating these.

Contact companies/organizations You may contact a company/organization by calling or writing them. You can also meet representatives at Armada or similar presentations of labor market/career opportunities.

Study finished reports On the web there are lists of finished exjobb reports. There you can see where exjobbs that you find interesting have been performed and then contact the provider of the exjobb project task. You may also contact the student to talk about his experience of working for the provider.

Contact the provider of the project If you find a project task that you find interesting on the web, you must contact the provider. The task may already be taken or not of interest any more.

Find a supervisor at CSC Some exjobb subjects practice group supervision. A number of students starting their exjobbs at the same time get a group advisor. This person may or may not also be the advisor. Please check the instructions for your subject.

If you already know of a person that you would like to have as a supervisor, you may contact him directly. If not, ask the coordinator of exjobbs of your subject.

For the first contact with the supervisor you should have a print-out of a short description of the project. This description should give a short background, describe the problem to be investigated and give an idea of the method to tackle the problem. This description should make it possible for the supervisor to judge whether the task is suitable or not for the task in question. You should also bring a print-out of your study merits, so that the supervisor can verify that you meet the prerequisites for doing the specific exjobb.

Get an approval of the task from the examiner Check with the supervisor or the coordinator of the exjobbs of your subject who should be the examiner for your exjobb. Send him/her the project description and ask for his/her approval.

Register the exjobb with the coordinator of the exjobbs of your subject When you have found a project to work on, a supervisor and have got the approval of the project from the examiner you should register the exjobb. This should be done before you start working on your project. Bring with you:

* a print-out of your study merits listing all the courses you have taken and the number of credits
* a print-out of the project description
In connection to the registration you should also fill in a form applying for making an exjobb that is to be given to your "studievägledning". The administrator of exjobbs of your subject will help you. You must also have a semester registration, "terminsregistrering".

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